What is Plasma really? Is this a new discovery, or as with most things under the sun, is it a new name given something that has been here all along, discovered long ago?

From visions revealed, I have been shown in Spirit, Plasma and Indra’s Net are one and the same.

In the ancient Vedas is Soma: the Divine elixir of life, Ananda, Bliss. The transcendental light of greater realms of Wisdom. Also believed to later be known from various cultures as alchemical rituals, i.e. Water of Life, Philosopher’s Stone, and the Elixir of Immortality. Referred to in the Vedas as residing in plants, in water, and within each human being as the core Essence of Divinity.

Soma, unless experienced directly, shall be misinterpreted, as happens when viewed from a focal point of distortion and merely conceptualized by mind rather than an integrated embodiment. In other words, seen from 3D perspective that which is experienced in another dimension would define it very differently, as has been the case of Soma. Some have insisted it to be an actual drink as a human being would sip, and even made to mean plant medicine in the minds of many. Imagine the state of Consciousness one would have to be in to match the frequency that, as a God, might enjoy the great elixir. This is not an actual drink in the way that a human being would see it. This is a drink of the Gods. What might that mean?

I see Soma as Plasma.

Drinking it as a God looks like basking in the Divinity, accessing All That Is via the Light codes therein. We as Spirit having the human experience can access the Light codes from and into our own luminosity. Plasma renders access to All That Is. The language of the Light is experienced in vibrational frequencies, water an accelerating conduit. This essence that is in every living organism is activated and encoded.

Soma, referred to as the ‘nectar of the Gods’ in the Vedas was said to be in the mountains of the heavens and was introduced by Indra. As Plasma intermingles with a magnetic field of any living organism a coherence is formed, just as Indra’s Net, as seen in displays of a magnet under a ferrocell.

This is a blueprint of sorts that stores information, the jeweled net at which intersection points (the jewels) are matching frequencies of the greater web of Life, throughout all of the Ages. These intersections expressed in what we know as synchronicity. This is where archetypal signatures overlap and stories (stored therein) are recapitulated as All is informed by itself.

Plasma informs, calibrates, energizes and amplifies.

In the Rig Veda, Soma is mentioned as existing in all plants (RV X.97.7) Many different types of Soma are also indicated. Water itself is a kind of Soma, particularly those of the Himalayas. (RV VII.49.4). For every form of Agni or Fire, there is also a form of Soma according to Vedic thought. There are Somas throughout the Universe, all informing multidimensionally.

Just as Water is Life: Consciousness itself in whatever form, might we also see Light in whatever form as the great alchemist, and various expressions of the One?